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Rappahannock businesses should thrive.

It's that simple. Buying groceries, filling a prescription, logging onto Facebook, these are the tradeoffs we happily make to live in the great experiment of Rappahannock county. But not everything should be as difficult as finding a new pair of jeans, not when it comes to your business. Events go unnoticed. Businesses get lost in the hollows. Frustrations go unanswered. There's no go-to resource for visitors or locals and as a result, everyone loses out. Rapp Map changes that.

"If there is a will we can find a way, since we have no organization in this county willing to promote us we oftentimes have to stick our neck out and go for it alone."

—Audrey Regnery, Innkeeper of Greenfield Inn Bed & Breakfast in RappNews


monthly google
searches for "Rappahannock"


local businesses, nonprofits,
and community orgs.


of the county's workforce
is self-employed

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A Unified Front

Rapp Map is an online hub with the singular purpose of fostering local business and community in a sustainable and respectful way. Visitors to the site can:

  • Find and learn about your business
  • Reach out to you directly
  • Discover your offers and specials
  • Explore your social media accounts
  • See your upcoming events
  • Apply for your job opportunities

Good for business,
good for community.

When people patronize one local establishment, they visit others while they're at it. Everyone knows this, it's part of the reason there's a camaraderie in Rapp unlike anywhere else. If we lean into it, we can all grow together in way that maintains the spirit of the county we all know and love.

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More than a website

We will work tirelessly to:

  • Promote local businesses
  • Encourage entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate job opportunities
  • Cultivate healthy, respectful growth
  • Preserve the magic of Rapp
  • Connect our community

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Why do you have prices listed if the trial is free?

We're offering free trials now to reward the organizations who are as excited about Rapp Map as we are. But even though you can start your trial today, we want to be clear that eventually we will have to charge for memberships. We want Rapp Map to support our community until the cows come home and that means covering sizable operating costs. This thing doesn't run itself!

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Even though building and operating Rapp Map demands an incredible amount of time and resources, its primary goal is to support Rappahannock businesses. The last thing we want to do is exclude anyone because of the price.

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